“This year we are so grateful to be celebrating our amazing partnership with Cocktails for a Cause. We love to share our passion for the work A Precious Child does in the community and the importance of giving back. We were also inspired by the attendees and truly touched by the generosity of the guests. Thank you to every attendee, sponsor, donor, volunteer and supporter who took time out of their busy schedules to learn more about the important work we do. Together, we are building a better future for Colorado children.”
-Joan Cordo, Director of Development, A Precious Child

Donated items include:

• 2,239 feminine hygiene products
• 1,737 hair accessories
• 510 new kid’s socks
• 425 toothbrushes
• 345 tubes of toothpaste
• 176 birthday gift bags
• 143 makeup items
• 139 bars of soap
• 136 diapers
• 44 earbuds
and much more!

Total number of items: 7,489
Total value of in-kind donations: $34,134

Special Thanks to the Sponsors that helped support this event:

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Cocktails for a Cause
Rene Harding, Founder & President