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We carefully select the nonprofits we host events for by using the following criteria. Our attendees, volunteers and Board of Directors are invited to nominate a local nonprofit. The Board reviews the nominations based on these criteria, then visits the nonprofit’s local office and/or facility prior to making a decision. Host nonprofits must:

  • Be a local Denver 501 © (3) nonprofit registered with the state
  • Accept goods or items for their constituents that are easy to transport
  • Attend the event with four representatives
  • Make a presentation about their nonprofit and be available to answer questions (: 15 minute presentation followed by short video is preferred)
  • Take delivery of the goods no later than the following morning
  • Provide a detailed list within 72 hours of the event listing the goods donated on the nonprofit’s letterhead and acknowledging the receipt of the goods as an in-kind donation. We use this list to send with our thank you letter to all attendees. They can attach their receipts to the list to use for a tax deduction.
  • Send out CFAC e-vite to their sphere of influence, volunteers and donors
  • Sign our Event Agreement

Cocktails for a Cause is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in Colorado. It is not affiliated with any of the charities that are its beneficiaries.

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Featured Women-Owned Business:

My Make Studio takes all of the difficulty and intimidation out of the prepping, baking and cleaning and leaves the DIY fun of decorating to you! My Make Studio is  the perfect place to drop in for the afternoon, host a fabulous team building event, or celebrate a special occasion. Adults can enjoy beer and wine and kids can unleash their sugared up, creative spirits.

Thank you My Make Studio for sponsoring and being a part of Cocktails for a Cause!

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